Nest [ネスト] VRChat World

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🍃 Nest [ネスト] 🍃

Nest is a small, highly detailed and highly manageable VRChat world now available for you to customize to your heart's content!

Check out the video preview:

Check it out in VRChat:

Thank you to @LAVYXILE for the amazing videography and editing skills in the preview video

Thank you to @Neomance for the beautiful photography // thumbnails

You will receive:

🞮 Unity Project File with Nest VRChat world already fully set up and ready to customize or upload (PC only)

🞮 A number of high-quality assets

🞮 Many of my new 3D plushies

🞮 Two separate picture frame setups

🞮 High quality environment with fully in-game customizable post processing options

🞮 Troubleshooting and help with setting things up via Discord

Not all assets in this project are modular but may be seperated in other programs.

Store//sold versions of this project may differ from the original in some ways.

Please read the rest of the description before purchasing!



🞮 Mochie's Standard Shader by Mochie

🞮 Volumetric Fake Light Shader by Silent

🞮 Programming help and special features by Lavy

🞮 Cutout Mirror by acertainbluecat

🞮 Pens, Lit Shader by Z3y

🞮 USharp Video Player by MerlinVR

🞮 Rain SFX by LennyBoy

🞮 UI SFX by Pixabay

🞮 Plant prefab by WispyWoo


⟅Cut Content⟆

The following components have been removed from the original version

Ivy Generator, ivy meshes and textures

Pom-Pom plushie model

Disbridge system by UdonVR

Shiso's Collar System

Some promotional elements in UI

Original plants prefab


⟅Opening Your Project⟆

First you will need VRChat's approved version of Unity, the VRChat Creator Companion (VCC) and either Winrar or 7zip installed

1] You will receive a number of .rar files

2] Make a folder, call it anything you like, and put all the .rar files in it before extracting

3] Extract ONLY Part 1 using Winrar or 7zip- the other parts should extract within the folder automatically, giving you a new Unity project folder

4] Open VCC, click the arrow next to "Create New Project" and click on "Add Existing Project"

5] Navigate to your new Unity project folder and open it

6] Please ensure you are clicking the correct folder, sometimes it makes a second folder that the correct one is inside of

7] Before opening it is recommended to click "Manage Project" in VCC and update any components to the project that may need updates


⟅Baking Your Lights (Bakery)⟆

Baking your lights is not a requirement, though it is helpful if you plan on adding new objects.

Bakery Lightmapper and a NVIDEA GPU is required (available here: )

1] Purchase/import Bakery using the Unity Asset Store

2] Double check any objects you've added are set to static

3] Adjust settings as desired and bake, results may vary

Changing your settings or making modifications to lightmaps that have undesirable outcomes is not something I can offer help on. Please keep this in mind.


⟅Baking Your Lights (Unity)⟆

Not recommended.

Please refer to any number of Unity tutorials on the platform of your choice.

I cannot offer help with Unity's lightmap system.



I can only offer adequate help or inquiries in English, unfortunately.

Please report any bugs with prefabs or addons already in the project to me so that I can evaluate and fix them.

Please join our Discord and ask questions in the Troubleshooting channel- please try not to use Booth, Gumroad or Twitter to contact me.

Join our Discord here:


⟅Terms of Service⟆

(Applicable to customers after the date of 6/6/2023)

Breaking T.O.S. can result in removal of your content from any given platform.

As you are buying the source files for this project I cannot offer refunds.

Distributing or sharing the source files with others is not permitted.

Do not remove credits board provided in the project (usually located in the Main Menu/UI)

Source files (and TOS) are liable to be changed, updated or revised through the store page. Older versions of the project may become unavailable in this case. Older versions of TOS, at time of purchase, may still apply.

It is your responsibility to maintain the world once bought.


✓ Permitted

This project as a whole CAN be used or uploaded in public and/or private VRChat worlds on the user's account only.

This project and assets MAY be mixed with other projects sold on my shop.

This project as a whole CAN be used or uploaded on other platforms included on the user's account only.

This project and assets within it MAY be modified as long as they stay within the given project.

Using this project or assets within it for streaming or video production is allowed, with credit.


🞮 Not Permitted

Distribution or monetization of the source files and project as a whole is prohibited. Do NOT share with other users. Modifying assets does not change this rule.

Separating these assets from the project in order to use in other projects or works is prohibited.

Claiming this project as your own creation is prohibited.

Using lore-related brands, logos, story elements or assets outside of this project is prohibited.

Selling pictures, renders or representations of this project as your own work is prohibited.

Using this environment, themes or story-telling elements in any political or illegal way is prohibited.

Using any aspect of this project or pictures of this environment to train AI, be modified with AI or promote AI is prohibited.


All prefabs, shaders and other assets provided for this project that are not made by me are their own individual creator's property and are provided with permission. These creators can be found in the credits and I do not claim ownership of their work. If there are issues please message me through Discord or email at and I will make any changes requested.

I want this!

No Refunds

Source files, once downloaded, cannot be returned.
If you have any issues we will do our best to address them!

Last updated Jun 6, 2023


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Nest [ネスト] VRChat World

3 ratings
I want this!